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You are a rebel on the run. You are a part of many rebel factions competing for control over the tightly-controlled galaxy against the all-powerful Empire. Empire takes no prisoners, has no mercy, and above all - they do not reason with terrorists. All those who oppose them must be eradicated. A distress signal from your home-world marks the end of your scouting mission. Empire is waging war on your people, and so you must navigate your way back to the home-world, fighting the belligerents, looting and finally restoring the peace in the galaxy. Or dying somewhere along the way.


'Frame: Critical Damage' is a 2.5D roguelike space combat simulation game. Assume the role of a Captain of a space cruiser capable of achieving super-luminal speeds and face a bloodthirsty Empire on a treacherous journey across 25 beacons.

The rules are simple. Traverse beacons, manage your ship and perform activities between beacons - all with the end goal of powering-up enough to be able to bring down the toughest of Imperial adversaries. You will need a good combination of ship modules, items and skills to be able to take down Imperial motherships, so balance your activities well.


  • Embark on a perilous journey across 25 exciting procedurally-generated beacons brimming with exciting items, enemies and activites - all randomized for a unique experience, every time.
  • Thrilling top-down real-time 2.5D space combat. Thrust, dodge and shoot your way through thousands of belligerent forces.
  • Unique 'beacon' progression system - you choose how to forge your path to supremacy.
  • Over 400 items and ship modules to power-up your ship and expand your arsenal.
  • 13 Deadly activities to survive through. Loot, repair, fight, trade, complete missions & many more!
  • Manage resources, upgrade, level up, craft and do whatever it takes to top your competition and bring forth peace to a once peaceful galaxy.

Developer Remarks

The game was developed as a project for University. There were many things that were to be added, but had to be cut out due to time constraints. For now, it is a hobby project only bug-fixes and general issues will be the focus of development.

If any further demand is shown (whether by discussions, donations, coverage), I will be interested in adding many new features and improvements to the game, including but not limited to: more dynamic combat, space phenomena affecting activities, new items and item types, new activities, smarter AI etc. The list goes on and on - there is a lot that could still be done.

All feedback is appreciated. Thank you for playing!


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